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technical catalog

  • Switchgear


    High-quality switchgear for all applications; i.a. low-voltage switchgear and relays.

  • Automation


    High-quality systems and components for all your Industrial Automation needs.

  • Detection Materials

    Detection Materials

    High-tech sensory materials and applications; Extensive range of all types of sensors and switches.

  • Connection Equipment

    Connection Equipment

    All connecting materials and products; i.a. Connectors, Adapters and insulation.

  • Cables and pipes

    Cables and pipes

    Expert selection of cabling brands and applications for all industries and circumstances.

  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies

    Power supplies for OEM, Panel building, System Integrator, industrial installation and Process Manufacturing.

  • Switching and distribution equipment

    Switching and distribution equipment

    Comprehensive range of certified high-quality switching- and distribution materials.

  • Lighting


    Comprehensive range of lighting materials and solutions for building and industrial applications.

  • Grounding and shielding materials

    Grounding and shielding materials

    Reliable range of safety components for the protection of motors and systems.

  • Cable Support Systems

    Cable Support Systems

    All types of cable support systems for process-, food- and beverage industry, marine and offshore and engineering.

  • Fixing and coding materials

    Fixing and coding materials

    Broad range of innovative coding-, fastening- and auxiliary materials.

  • Measurement and Control

    Measurement and Control

    High-quality selection of measurement- and controlcomponents for industrial processinstallations.

  • Air and climate control

    Air and climate control

    Reliable and robust products for air- and climatecontrolsystems.

  • Communication


    Industrial communication; Management- and controlproducts for complex applications.

  • Drive technology

    Drive technology

    Wide range of central- and decentral machine concepts; PLC-, Controller- and Drive-technology.

  • Tools


    Comprehensive range of (power)tools and hardware by renowned brands.

  • Workplace supplies

    Workplace supplies

    Everything you need for your workstation or -shop.

  • Steel/M installation

    Steel/M installation

    Selection of products for mechanical installation technology.

  • Safety


    Our selection protection materials and working clothes will keep you and your colleagues safe on the job.

  • Sanitary


    Comprehensive range of hydrological products.

  • Logistics


    Hand- and warehouse trucsk, hoisting and lifting, ladders and stairs.

  • Chemistry


    Varnishes, glues, coatings, paints and lubricants.

  • Domestic


    Selected assortment of domestic appliances.

  • Electronics



  • Not classified

    Not classified

    All products not covered by a main category group.

  • Installation